Made-to-measure bicycle frames
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 Here are just a few of my frames. I loved building them! Each frame has been different and had it's own "personality".  Unfortunately running cycles de ORO has left me with too little time to pursue this craft. To owners of 'DB' bikes who read this, please send pictures of your bike so I can include it here.
                                                                                                                                                                Thanks,  Dale
#1 in 1983-4,
24" wheel for
Michael Rowan
1/2 Columbus, 1/2 Tange tubing Criterium frame
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"Are you sure you filled out your frame order sheet correctly?"
(A DB cartoon from the 1970s)

 #7 - Ken Toda's bike
In it's original configuration with Dura Ace


In it's current form, with Campagnolo Super Record  Gallery with 8 pictures


Sally Vacca at speed!

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Tange 'Extra Light' frameset

vacca_2.jpg (60214 bytes)       wpe51.jpg (44134 bytes)         wpeC5.jpg (11870 bytes)         wpe46.jpg (22901 bytes)         wpe5C.jpg (15341 bytes)

66 cm road frame #15
Gallery of 6 pictures

Columbus 'Genius' tubing used n this frame.


#28 road frame owned by Chris Gonzalez
Gallery of 35 pictures


Lugs and frame building jigs.

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Brenda Miller's very small bike

 wpe408.jpg (24921 bytes)        wpe400.jpg (28203 bytes)

Light touring bicycle
Gallery of 28 pictures HERE

Paul Metzger's SoftRide beamer


 Chris Blake's NC TT State Championship bike


Chris' Columbus 'Max'  road bike


Mountain bikes (only 2 made...)

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Fixed gear special
Gallery with 16 pictures

Larry Attenberry's road bike      3 pictures

Ryan Brown (age 8) 20" wheel road bike. 6 pictures

Chip Duckett's 'Crit' bike. 6 pictures

Gallery of 34 pictures HERE

Special road/tri bike  

Tri-st~1.bmp (2052702 bytes)         Tri-st~2.bmp (1191894 bytes)         wpe319.jpg (25136 bytes)        Tri-st~4.bmp (694326 bytes)

Touring #11 with polished stainless steel lugs.
Gallery of pictures HERE

 65 CM frame  

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Bigred_6.jpg (112344 bytes)        Bigred_8.jpg (23968 bytes)        Bigred_9.jpg (51368 bytes)         Bigred~1.jpg (41476 bytes)       

Time trial frame that Ross Mason won the NC Championship aboard.
Click picture to visit a large photo gallery


Tracy Botruff with her DB road bike
Gallery of 25 pictures


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