cycles de ORO's
Friends and their Bikes
A random selection of neat folks with cool bikes (from CDO, natch!!)

Will Brown and his hot street & dirt bike

Jill Dollar & her Orbea

Mike & Becky Blackburn

Susan Thomas & her Intense

JT Sharpe and his Shark

Matt Skeen & his
custom Airborne MTB

Two beautiful
 "Specialized Sirens"

Ginger Pharr on her
custom painted Felt.

Chris Pappas and his Landshark single speed

John Hepburn &
his new Landshark

Mike Canavan and
his C-40 Colnago!

Pat Lundergen and his single speed Landshark MTB

Chuck Stone and TWO custom Landsharks!

Bob Miller & his Colnago

Brett Berry and
his tri-Landshark

Doug Covil and his
DeRosa Planet

Dennis Campbell and his custom "Shark!"

The Bandyk's with two Specializeds

Ms. Emily Bandyk
and her new bike!

Mark Bandyk and his new Colnago

Bob Blasingame and his Aegis carbon

Chad Gibson and a Landshark time trial special.

Jason Boudreaux & his single speed Landshark

Alison Falls with her custom Landshark

The Branyon boyz

Tim Dusing & his big Landshark

Mr. C. End &
his Guerciotti

David Garret's photos
of his Litespeed

Dan Trull waxes
his Colnago

This DeBernardi went on a cross country tour!

Dianne and her new Colnago!

Glenn Cook in Vegas with his patriotic Tri Shark!

Ginger Pharr with her custom painted Litespeed.

Ron Gallimore with his Shark road bike.

Graham with his Colnago Master

Mark Griffin & April with his Landshark


John Farmer with his Bianchi

Jesse Long with his Landshark

Jared Reed and his custom cyclocross bike

Jared with his Colnago

Muriel Neumeister & her custom DeBernardi.

Joe Neumeister & his Marin

Joe with his work bike

Julie Taylor with her custom road & mtb Sharks

Gary Kling with his Rivendell Atlantis

Larry Rivenbark with his custom painted Klein.

Tom Lauer with his custom super light Yeti.

Mike Augenbaugh
& his Ti McMahon

Mike Bloomquist and his Harvard colored Landshark.

Mark Gatehouse clears a log on his Carbon GT  LTS.

Mark Tate and his new Colnago C-40

Matt Griffin on uncle Mark's bike!!

Mary Lea Wolfe & her Landshark

Jason with his custom Landshark

Phil Nahser and his Road Shark

Paddy Rooney with his Landshark replica-art!

Ron Smith &
his Landshark

The Reardon's and their twin touring bikes.

Mssr. R. Hopkins and his custom cyclocross bike.

S. Gant & his Litespeed tri bike

The Soles family ready to ride in the Joann Gaddy Grimes ride.

Tom Lauer with his Litespeed.

Kenneth Borgeson & his custom Waterford

Scott Ramsey & his custom Waterford

The Wilson boys!

wpe9B.jpg (114420 bytes)

David Fuller &
his Road Shark.

Steve Moseley
& his Landshark

Joe Chavis and
his WILD Landshark