Las Vegas Bike Show Report!

Published 10/10/2001              Click on images for full size pics...

Treasure Island Resort was the official show hotel...

TreasureIsle.jpg (96394 bytes)
The webmaster took this picture entering the resort casino...

Despite the terrorist attacks, the bicycle industry showed they were not intimidated and flocked to Las Vegas!

Overview1.jpg (105276 bytes)    Overview2.jpg (126904 bytes)
Overviews of the big halls filled with bicycle stuff.

Racing was rampant at the show...

TiogaTrac.jpg (83994 bytes)        Trainer_Race.jpg (94762 bytes) 
Tioga had racy remote control cars and racy models supervising.

Another company (?) had trainer races w/emcee that got pretty intense!  

Specialized had an incredibly strong showing of bikes and accessories...

S-1_Helmet.jpg (36183 bytes)     Bigger_wheel.jpg (60768 bytes)
The new top-of-the-line S-2 helmet and

a fun "Bigger Wheel" adult sized show trikes

Giant is now the #2 bike brand in the USA and showed it self as a serious contender...

Giant_2.jpg (71325 bytes)     Giant_1.jpg (61858 bytes)
Giant had an impressive display and a radical new comfort bike...

scale.jpg (29341 bytes)   b13lb_Giant.jpg (83966 bytes)..
The lightest bike at the show?

Italian goods are guaranteed to always excite show goers!

Campy_Hub.jpg (96007 bytes)    Brico_2.jpg (66863 bytes)   Brico_3.jpg (41078 bytes)
L. Campy carbon hub...R. The new Brico "twinner" helmet...

Carrera_Shield1.jpg (73355 bytes)   Carrera_Shield.jpg (43639 bytes)
The Carrera Mod. "Shield" steel and carbon frame...

colnago2.jpg (90081 bytes)    colnago3.jpg (50499 bytes)   colnago4.jpg (96537 bytes)
Colnago looked even flashier this year, if that's possible!

Seat_gallery.jpg (29278 bytes)    Fiziak_1.jpg (78156 bytes)   Fiziak_2.jpg (98823 bytes)
The Selle Italia booth was an art gallery!

Somec_flames.jpg (169285 bytes)   Limar.jpg (43483 bytes)
Somec had an artistic paint job and the new Limar helmet is art too!

Pegoretti2.jpg (22584 bytes)    Pegoretti3.jpg (27119 bytes)   Pegoretti5.jpg (58829 bytes)
Pegoretti showed a lovely lug framed bike...

Pinar_Marvel.jpg (86658 bytes)   Pinar_Carbo.jpg (59053 bytes)

 Pinar_PrinceLS.jpg (49092 bytes)   Pinar_Opera.jpg (125087 bytes)
Pinarello made its bid to be the highest (over?) priced bicycle line!

DeRosa_Primato.jpg (235253 bytes)
DeRosa still makes a lugged frame bike, the Primato

Fondriest_booth.jpg (213474 bytes)   Fondriest_TT.jpg (106791 bytes)
Maurizio Fondreist's bike line re-emerges...

Rossin.jpg (61295 bytes)
Rossin brand back in the USA!

Sadly not very aesthetically distinctive ...

Stealth.jpg (39017 bytes)
The "Stealth" saddle by Isca Selle!

Torelli_1.jpg (222090 bytes)   Torelli_2.jpg (143164 bytes)   Torelli_3.jpg (134896 bytes)
Torelli bikes had beautiful paint and finish!


Campagnolo put a few exotic goodies in the market.... again!

Camp_booth.jpg (119377 bytes)

Camp_rim.jpg (69129 bytes)    Camp_triple.jpg (104683 bytes)     Camp_crk_1.jpg (127897 bytes)

The USA companies all looked really refined and leading edge!

CaneCreekBooth.jpg (240469 bytes)
North Carolina's own Cane Creek booth...

Felt_frames.jpg (35797 bytes)   Felt_1.jpg (74975 bytes)   Felt_2.jpg (76326 bytes)

Felt_3.jpg (72338 bytes)   Felt_4.jpg (69681 bytes)   Felt_5.jpg (68867 bytes)
Felt Racing extensively broadened it's exotic road and triathlon line

Co-Motion.jpg (86432 bytes)   Co-Motion2.jpg (59913 bytes)
CoMotion was nice looking as always...

Grail_1.jpg (194168 bytes)   KestrelATB.jpg (109232 bytes)
A clever variation on the classic design by Grail..and the new Kestrel MTB.

Elegance.jpg (91888 bytes)   Elegance2.jpg (94316 bytes)   Elegance3.jpg (67546 bytes)
Art springs into life in the most amazing places...

BurleyAl.jpg (118943 bytes)
Burley premiered their first ever Aluminum tandem bikes...

cycletruck.jpg (76955 bytes)
Your search is over..a fur covered cycle truck

IF_bike.jpg (66528 bytes)   IF_flowers.jpg (52998 bytes)
Independent Fabrications (IF) had a tasty
hippy flower motif going on this bike...

East_Jane.jpg (42529 bytes)
Eastern showed a lugged BMX frame!

Oakley.jpg (35891 bytes)
Oakley's display was formidable! Few escapees....

LiteSp_Ghisallo.jpg (380190 bytes)   LiteSp_Ghisallo2.jpg (77689 bytes)   Litespeed_AL1.jpg (68908 bytes)
Litespeed show their new super light Ghisallo Ti bike and aluminum models.

Rich&Chuck.jpg (79180 bytes)   Twin-Head.jpg (56710 bytes)
Richard Schwinn and Chuck Schmidt look at
the amazing new "Twinn-head" Gunnar.

Great Britain

Gillot_1.jpg (34603 bytes)    Gillot_2.jpg (53642 bytes)   Gillot_3.jpg (52064 bytes)
Mark Joynt of Omega Cycles in Kent has re-introduced
two famous British marques in Gillot.....

Hetchins3.jpg (112772 bytes)   Hetchins4.jpg (114462 bytes)
.....and Hetchins. Some controversy brewed about
who actually had the rights to the latter...

Brooks_bag.jpg (129447 bytes)    Brooks_bag2.jpg (167809 bytes)
Brooks saddles showed an attractive neo-classic bag.

International offerings

 Catlike_1.jpg (55037 bytes)     Catlike_Eus.jpg (46444 bytes)
Catlike looked like a full-on pro Tour de France helmet!!!

Orbea_1.jpg (36160 bytes)    Orbea_2.jpg (84396 bytes)    Orbea_balloon.jpg (114571 bytes)
Orbea (Spain) was definitely one of the hottest bikes at the show

Hamoc.jpg (57560 bytes)
South Africa made womens saddle

BT_Gold.jpg (69833 bytes)   BT_white.jpg (46919 bytes)
Australia exotic track bikes

ZEM.jpg (73670 bytes)

RockyM_1.jpg (93699 bytes)   RockyM_2.jpg (53680 bytes) 
Canada's Rocky Mountain bikes 

Guru.jpg (188221 bytes)
GURU from Canada

Airbourne_1.jpg (122483 bytes)
China made, Huffy owned AirBourne

France's Look made a big impression...

 Look_B1.jpg (73244 bytes)  Look_C1.jpg (53061 bytes)

Look_F1.jpg (112846 bytes)   Look_F2.jpg (49191 bytes)   Look_F3.jpg (82073 bytes)
The unique French artistic style is apparent in these new Look bikes.