Las Vegas Bike Show Report!
Published 10/10/2002             Click on images for full size pics. Warning.. LARGE files!v

The InterBike "Dirt Demo" Day was actually an opportunity to ride both mountain and road bikes... The wait for Specialized Epic bikes was over an hour!  300 folks crowded in to look and ride...

The landscape were the Dirt Demo was held...

The demo itself was a mad house of people, bikes and vendors!

L to R: XTR shifter, SR shock fork, Bianchi Milano, Orange with one legged fork.

Browning showed off their auto rear shifting system to go with the
auto front that has been around a few years...

A little quick "tourist" stuff before the show opened on Sunday morning.

Not far away was beautiful Lake Mead and Hoover dam.

Welcome to Las Vegas' Venetian casino!

National Bicycle Dealers eat and talk prior to the show opening...

The InterBike show set new records for attendance, 20,000 folks the first day...

Campagnolo is one of the first display near the entrance...

Giant displayed  Beloki's and Olana's actual race bikes as well as all sorts of new stuff.

Olana's TT bike and Beloki's 2002 full carbon fiber racing bike

 New!   Recumbent, cutaway carbon frame and shaped aluminum tubing..

An international selection of bikes and accessories made up a complex  show

 L: Neat folding bikes were everywhere......
R: New Avid MTB stem

L: FSA carbon bars and seatpost! .....
R: What looks like a racing bike.. but with a motor!


L: Selle Italia studded (?) saddle .....
R: "Catlike" helmet

L: Wipperman's highly regarded Connex chains are soon available in Titanium..
R:  Masi, smarting from reaction to their 2002 aluminum bikes, offers more traditional looking steel models....

Teschner from Australia had this lugged marvel on display!

 USA companies   were very conspicuous as innovators and industry leaders...

Waterford's Richard Schwinn premiered the amazing 3 pound R-33 frame

L: The delectable CAT-USA brake calipers...110 grams!
R: Cute little Burro bikes!


L: Co-Motion "Americano" filet brazed tourer.
R: Eggbeater "triple Ti" pedals

Two wild Klein paint jobs

Ritchey's ingenious new take apart design...

L: This Seven mtb uses new Maverick shocks...
Felt tri-bike custom paint job.

A frame jig so well made, it would seemingly
be impossible to make a bad frame on it (?)

Jim Montgomery's custom Max tub frame..
Look at that gorgeous lug work!

L: New Saddleco mesh support seat...
R: Serfas spacey helmet.

L: New Reynolds (ex-Lew) wheels
R: New artsy Merlin "Cielo"

More International offerings

Campagnolo three different Chorus derailleurs and carbon Record headset.

Colnago all looked fast and fancy.. The new C-40 stays are... different!

Two unusual Selle San Marco saddles

DeRosa was strikingly good looking..  The Primato steel was one of the best made bikes in the show, at any price...and the King, well, a TourdeForce!

Top level Nagasawa track bikes

L: New Suntour rear derailleur
R: Swedish Army bicycle

L: Techtro center pull and "long reach" dual pivot side pull
R: TISO (Italy) rear derailleur and carbon headset..

More North American companies! 


Lightest yet? Litespeed Ghisallo framed M2 racer was said to be 10.3 lbs!

Rivendell had their new complete bikes.. The Romulus for most and the Redwood for very tall folk.

Airborne, the new Torch  is SEAMLESS  6-4 titanium! Mtb detail at left...

Lemond bike with carbon rear and Ti front..

Tomac (by Litespeed) with light weight!

Guru had their own 1/2 Ti, 1/2 Carbon...

Larry Black from Mt. Airy Md cranks it out against a young guy...

L: Nova Cycle showed a large selection of stainless steel fittings..

R:  Titus displayed an unusual blend of carbon inside the Titanium tubes...


SDG showed their VERY light and trick rail mounted saddle & seatpost.

The end!