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Campagnolo is one of the big boys so we open with their intro of................

... the new, even MORE carbon fiber content Record 10 Ergo group! (How much carbon can you find?)

Dedacciai carbon parts, complete with color coordinating pluglets!

FSA made a impact with their unconventional three flange hubs..

And of course, FSA's carbon cranks were everywhere with many other
brands labels...This looks to be a special Time Trial model? 55 teeth!

Speaking of unusual crank sets, here is the Rotor System. Beautifully made, it's complicated
mechanism allegedly gets rid of the dreaded dead spot in the pedal stroke..

Salsa road bikes sported fancier paint jobs than last year (when they premiered at this show)

The unique, hard-to-define, even ticklish "Aero Puzzola" saddle!
One must presume that while under speed, the fur tail-like portion flaps in the
wind stream to make a highly calculated disruption in the air drag(?)

CoMotion always has neat bikes at show time.. This one was a world touring model,
all set with S& S Couplers to allow it to be taken apart for travel.

Guess who is making (at least some of?) the new Andy Hampsten bikes...(see above)

With carbon fiber everywhere, what was next if not brake calipoers. These likely are "Faux"
carbon, but I could not find an English speaking person in this booth to confirm or deny...

One of the zillion-billion part carbon/part aluminum bikes at the show.
These bikes must be made of super secret and rare zirconium nitrate plutonium,
because some guy came out and said no pictures were allowed
So these pics are for sale to any and all foreign agents.....

Morati was back again with some of their most radically shaped and fabricated Ti bikes ever.
Their famous Ti cranks are extinct, but these new models show some ingenuity in the details.....

Here we see some definitely some new angles on the bottom bracket "conjunction!"

The forks looked stout enough for serious cyclocrossing.
(All those coiled cables below are anti-theft tethers.)

Here's what the fork looks like as part of a bike!

Notice that interesting rear brake mounting arrangement!

Stronglight, olde French company that it is, had one of the lightest of the light
cranks. With chainrings, it's said to be barely over 600 grams!


AND, if the "Pulsion" wasn't avant garde enough. here's the "Ultima!"

BMC? I think they are Swiss but maybe "Big Men on Campus?"

Kids will have it a lot better in 2004 with a number of companies offering 24"
wheel road bikes. Felt's was the most affordable (sub $600.00)

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