Interbike 2003 pictures, page four
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Specialized had an elegant few bikes on display..
The black top/red bottom bike that the man is looking at is their
new "Tarmac" model. Half carbon, half aluminum, half kick ass.

De Marchi goes vintage! With a full (albeit small) line of blatantly classic styled
garments! The booth was decorated with tasty old photos...


Wool, of course!


Rebirth of the Fuji America, a favorite of the 1970s? No, just a
teaser.. This bike will never make it to production...


Note the lugged stem....

The newest Hetchins? No, Kwai bikes from Asia with that oh-so-familiar look...

A new direction for Bruce Gordon?
In this case, the one-off show bike is a 26 inch wheeled, full blown touring bikes with mysterious Nervex style yet oversized
lugs and bbkt. shell. The lugs? Bruce says "They came in a box from some guy in Switzerland, I think.. I forget who.."


Stem too. This is a lot of work!


One can readily see the sloping top tube angle in this seat lug...

Euro Asia Imports had a nice selection of the scrumptious Nagasawa bikes and frames in their retro biased booth.
First,  look at the road bike:


This "path" or multipurpose single speed may be the most elegant fixie ever made! Check out the
VIP suede bar tape & saddle. The photos do not properly show the interesting soft copper-gold paint.


The most photogenic bb ever?



Nagasawa, GanWell and Cinelli lugged track bikes....




The GanWell is  superbly made, great joinery!





Look at those rapidly diminishing assets! When they are gone, they are really gone!



Mr Nagasawa

Very old marque, very new form...

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