Las Vegas Bike Show Report!


It was another fun year at the Las Vegas Interbike!

 Trends? The "big 3"makers, Trek, Giant & Specialized dominate the complete bike line market but many specialty makers are competing for the fancier bike biz. There was carbon fiber every where, every bike maker had frames, components, even brake calipers made out of the wonder material, black, white, painted carbon, you name it. Road bikes are making a huge comeback, with new lines mountain biking is shifting its focus to Big Hit bikes (?) There were many many "chopper" bikes, for more fun than riding.

 After observing the energy and scope of this show, the logical conclusion is that cycling is growing bigger and bigger! The below pics are just a rolling overview of the more interseting things.. The big brands are mostly skipped as we will all see those over and over again in the magazines and shops...

Updated 10/11/2004     Click on images for full size pics.  Warning, LARGE photo files!

Photo page 1.......... Misc. road

Brew bikes from NC in the Reynolds booth

A really trick 1/2 Ti, 1/2 carbon bike by Temple.

Two rich-looking carbon fiber color variations.

Our fav builder, Landshark.... this show bike decked out with FSA components

Photo page 2.............BMC from Switzerland

BMC bikes looked so hot.. This one a stealth all black carbon job....

This bike is a more "straight up" Swiss cheese special :)

The most trick tt bike in the '04 tour, yet the bike that OLN never showed you!

Photo page 3........... Mountain bikes

The simple single loop front der has been in development for a few years now...


Canfield folks had cool DH rigs plus a bike parts chair!


Dark had a long travel chromo bike + neato chain rings...

Intense (you can say that again) tandem


Moonhead cranks were among the prettiest objects in the show!


This Kestrel had a radically neat paint job

Photo page 4.............. Brooks


Brooks saddles starting with an old (1937) Swallow and showing the new "Antique" finish....


The bag line is supposed to actually materialize this year (except for that big black one)

Photo page 5....... Bruce Gordon

Here's a Bruce Gordon city-bike supreme!


Very cool lug work; Bruce Gordon identifiable all the way...


The stem is a tour de force unto itself!


The rear carrier rack is made of titanium.. Look close at the details!


How about a titanium Silca-esque pump? $300.00 will buy one.

Photo page 6.........Choppers


This chopper in the Felt display was probably the coolest one in the show...

This kinda looked like an old school chopper ala cruiser...


This company (Firebike?) used rectangular tubing in imaginative ways..

Photo page 7.........Colnago & Independent Fabrications

The Colnago booth always attracts attention


New models "President" and "E-5" plus the Master Lite steel gets a carbon rear end

This President gets an artist's treatment ("BelArt"?) ... and the line up....

Independent Fabrications


Grape leaf motif (?) with wooden fenders....

A really cool/artistic carbon~ti combo bike... and a hammered fender tourer.

Photo page 8.........Bianchi

A very early Bianchi racing bike

Fausto Coppi's ride!


The Liquigas team bike, 2005 Milano & track models...

Photo page 9.........Pegoretties




Photo page 10.........Giant


Down hill and new "Maestro" suspension system


Something cool for everyone who walks in the bike shop door!



These kids bikes kick butt! What parent wouldn't want these for their little ones?

The new Advanced carbon frame... sub 2 lb frame!


The Team TT bike.. $5K, the only box bike in the show with carbon brake calipers.

Photo page 11.........Fuji


Team Issue with unusual carbon weave and Team SL models...


Model Team Pro in new pattern paint.


Flat bar road bike~hybrid with carbon rear end.


Funky tandem & women's bike, note the shaped down tube...

Photo page 12......... Ridley & Rivendell



   Photo page 13......... Argon 18


The booth and the "Gallium", new full monocoque (no lugs) model...


Model "Helium", Gervais, Charles and Claude and model "Platinum"


The kevlar reinforced chain stay, 24" model D2 youth bike and the Juteau Cantin designed fit station (beautiful!)

Photo page 14......... Accessories


Rah rah rah, white carbon, new holes-in-saddles, pick-your-color carbon.


Left: white carbon Sel Cof bars (look in background,
Roberto Gaggioli is shown secret carbon brakes)
Right: funny pedals system.


Surly flask, custom hydration systems, Giro & new "Rev VI aero helmet."

Photo page 15.........Miscellaneous


Tyler autographing posters, Waterford fancy lugs, Santana super paint


Anvil Bikeworks tools, DeSalvo custom, Surly toring.


Homely woman forced to sign posters, Wily custom, Schwinn scooter....

Photo page 16.........Italian

DeRosa's wild new carbon "Tango" model.


Tango details, polished stem~bar, sculpted frame


The Neo-Primato lugged frame is still in production.  


Alan is thoroughly modern in white carbon, etc.      


New and old style clothing, Columbus frames with dramatic carbon weaves..

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