Las Vegas Bike Show Report!
Thursday, September 29th
On to the next day of the show, Friday

This band of despots was attracted by the seductive aroma of the Kinetic Koffee (Or was it Jan?) Actually, these are the Classic Rendezvousers!

USA hero and generally nice guy, George Hincapie signs autographs in his popular clothing company booth.

George's beautiful wife seems as charming as she is photogenic.

The Cinelli booth had many interesting bits and pieces.

OVAL showed these extremely light and well thought through TT & triathlon bars.

Univega seemed to have a new lease on life.. Perhaps a new owner?

Different and attractive frame junctions...

Having survived hurricane Katrina, Bill Laine was greeting friends in the British Carradice booth..

A very tidy Carradice leather saet bag...

Ditto in tan leather...

A larger more traditional seat bag of canvas...

Marin showed this very deluxe flat bar road bike.. The ultimate commuter?

The very fit Azonic womens cycling team.. I was not clear whether they were road or mountain bike racers.

That old and famous pump company Silca showed some fun paint motifs on their "track" pumps,,,

Deja Vue? A few years back there was a "suspension hub", but here's another...

Gilles Bertrand had a much expanded display and an announcement was made that his entire line will be available in the USA for 2006

A stunning regal blue touring specialty machine....

Filet brazed steel, truly the best material for long hours in the saddle and camping gear too!

Note the leather chain stay protector!

Custom carrier racks too...

Another beauty, this time in jet black!

Tidy seat cluster (sorry about the focus!)

Throughout the show, highly trained technicians were available to evaluate athletes performance. These women were good at that I am told.

BH, the Spanish bike of the Liberty Securos Team, looked awfully good!

Time Trailist deluxe!

First appearance at the show, Lapierre from FRance.

Great graphics,no?

Euro circuit stars were circulating throughout the show, unrecognized by non-cognescenti. Can you name this woman racer and her team?

Cyclus showed some clever and well made tools...

Great paint job on this DeKerf from Canada.

Colnago is always an impressive display of Italian flair.

Paint is only part of the story...

The newest model, the Extreme C, a claimed sub 1 kg frame...

A colaboration with Ferrari.. I hate to think what the price must be!!!

The model Extreme C in another decor style....

DeRosa's newest design, the Tango!

Subtly integrated head badge..

The steel Neo-Primato is still in the line and still so appealing.

Note the return to a steel fork as well.

Scott bicycles seemed to be attracting a lot of attention. The bikes seemed.. well, "over the top" a bit, but distinctive!

That's some wild and crazee carbon weave, man!

Even the mountain bikes had that plaid look carbon!

Electra is an all-the-way-cruiser company and had many fun variations...

Big brother/little brother choppers!

Ridley of Belgium had many variations of their race bred frames on display.

Lotto Davitamon team bike

Wow! USA Crank Brothers "Team" pedals for a Belgian based team!

New model "NOAH" with extended seat tube.

Speedplay's pedal museum grows and grows! What a fun trip to see some of those passed by designs!

The famous (?) TANK pedal!

The Sycip boys (San Fran) had this tasty neo-classic bike utilizing R. Sachs Newvex lugs..

Fun fun fun retro motor bike!

Retro is it's name and retro is it's game!

Thoroughly modern Stronglight cranks...

A very cool DeSalvo tack bike.. in raw finish, with scorch marks at the welded areas.

The brass at the dropouts are instructional to understand the joinery at these points...

The very elegant Ganwell Pro from Japan.

Look at the craft used in the dropout insertion.

Bad pic but the decals are holographic...

Mr. Yoshio Chiba, builder of the Ganwell Pro bicycles, John Dacey of Business Cycles in Miami, and Dale.

Again, the Gilles Bertrand handlebar bag.

Euro-Asia custom stems by Nitto.

Kashimax 5 Gold saddles in many variations.

Rich colors and very high quality...

Nagasawa frame bits & pieces...

Nagasawa dropouts.

Lovely bottom bracket shell.

Seat stay "top eyes."

Nagasawa continues as one of the reigning masters of the artisan crafted steel bicycle.....

Techtro center pulls aimed at time trial bikes!