701 A Hill Street, Greensboro, North Carolina

Our 6th location since 1975!         Scroll down for all pictures


View from Battleground Ave.



Looking to the right as you enter.



Our sentinel...



Above the front entrance



One of the many "Lightweight vintage bicycles" on display; this one a mid 1980s Colnago "Equilateral"



Looking in to repair bay



That's the Masi from the movie "Breaking Away"! (Not really, but close!)



1973 Teledyne Titan titanium bike (one of the first & made in USA)



Partial view of main showroom.



One of the talks in the shop during the Classic Rendezvous event



Early 1970s Legnano



Hetchins track bike circa 1968



See the tires stored overhead? (Legnano on left, Paramount track on right.)


1983 Bianchi, maybe the last of the fully pantographed?


Looking into repair bay with NOS 1974 Ron Kitching frame (since sold, sorry!)


Our side entrance area.



Time Trial bike by Dale Brown from late 1980s   (more pics of this bike HERE)


Bulletin board for posting public events and miscellaneous fun stuff.


Our "Heroes tribute" including Eddy Merckx and Greg Lemond!

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