Proper bike fit is essential for comfortable and efficient riding. cycles de ORO's Fit process uses a collection of precision tools and data, combined with the famous "Oracle of Delphi" process, that allow us to efficiently, discreetly and precisely measure you to determine your exact frame size (seat-tube length and angle, and top-tube length) and the proper adjustments for the points where you contact your bicycle.

     Multiple tools are used to achieve great Fit; the classic time-proven FIT KIT and the modern and comprehensive Body Geometry system by SPECIALIZED. In the final analysis, it is the life experience and intuitive capabilities of the Body Geometry Fit technician that make the difference. Too many "short timers" or relatively inexperienced bike shop personnel or coaches use elaborate "smoke and mirrors" to try to short cut this process. Be smart and trust experience. Look at our customer feedback to see positive reports.


Ride faster, more comfortably and with less effort!

     If this sounds complicated, it is! However, this process will make a world of difference in your enjoyment of cycling. Fit is the key to riding efficiently on any new frame or bicycle and is HUGELY important, whether you ride for recreation, fitness or fun, or on the road or dirt.

    If you're uncomfortable on your bike, suffering from:
        Numb hands or feet?    Sore rear end?    Stiff neck?    Aching wrists?  Back problems?

   Then it's very likely that a poor bicycle fit is contributing to the problems if not causing them. cycles de ORO's trained technicians can help.

    We also recommend being analyzed if you're shopping for a new bicycle and aren't sure what size is right. or if you're buying a frame set to build into your dream bike. Once we've measured you, you'll know the proper size, which will make it a lot easier to pick out the right bike or frame. Equally important, it will allow ruling out those models that don't fall within your fit requirements, which is a great help if you're comparing many different brands.


Bike Size Analysis & Recommendation

     A professional fit prescription for the correct size bicycle, handlebar,  stem and saddle. This requires some key measurements, including foot size, inseam, torso and arm length, along with questions that help determine fit considerations. This information uses our Fit data and will allow us to provide our recommendation for a custom bike sizing or the best choice within stock bike models.


cycles de ORO Dynamic Performance Analysis & Fitting

    We offer in-store Fit services to accommodate your needs. Contact us for an appointment and plan on spending approximately 2 hours for your session.

     Get the most out of your bike (new or used)! This process requires many measurements and informed analysis to make your bike provide the most efficient & comfortable  propulsion possible. You will be positioned on your bike as part of an involved process. Saddle, seat post, handlebar and stem positions will be optimized to enhance your riding goals.*

    Our trained Body Geometry Fit technician will interview, test flexibility, take measurements, measure your bicycle and its components with you on it, observing your position and current setup, and set up your bicycle to match your cycling goals, problems and issues. We're sure you'll be delighted at how much more comfortable you are on your bike.

    Bring your cycling clothes (shoes, too). You can change in our dressing room. By wearing cycling clothes, the measurements will be accurate (seams in street clothing can interfere with precise measurements.)

     cycles de ORO’s Body Geometry Fit technician will analyze, adjust, check body alignment, refine pedaling action and maximize comfort. Our goal is to perfect your cycling stroke and maximize your comfort, efficiency and power output.


Size Analysis & Recommendation $50.
Standard road or mountain bike  $250. 
Triathlon or Time Trail bike     $275.
Transfer: Setting up a second personal bike to the same fit coordinates as established by cycles de ORO.  $75.
Follow up mini-session (within 6 months)  $75.

1. Component parts (handle bars, stem, seat posts, tape, etc.) often need changing to achieve optimum fit, and in those cases, labor and parts are an additional cost.
2. $50. discount with new bike purchase, total price
up to $2000. 
3. $100. discount with new bike purchase
over $2000.

    Call  Woodie  today at  336.274.5959  to discuss your fitting needs!

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