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wpe15.gif (149004 bytes)

A C-40 with the "pearls" that are everywhere on many 2001 Colnago paint jobs...




wpe16.gif (185276 bytes)


The new "lighter & stiffer MonoBloc" rear end of that same bike.


wpe19.gif (251457 bytes)

The latest collaboration with Ferrari... note the red-to-carbon painted wheel rims! Sexy!



wpe1B.gif (244195 bytes)

The mod. "Dream" aluminum has been a hugely popular new model the second
lightest in the line (C-40 is #1) This bike showing a new Stars & Stripes paint motif....


wpe1C.gif (245489 bytes)
Here is the paint job of the bike show (named "Geo") on a Titanium "Oval Master" bike!
It is an -adapted- world map, with Mama Italia in special color highlight!



wpe1A.gif (212189 bytes)

A closer view of this crazy-cool paint job!

Can you see the green tinted peninsula of Italy on the top tube?



wpe1D.gif (74884 bytes)

Cartoon "Rider", "Pearls" and color galore! Only on Colnago!