Las Vegas Bike Show Report!
Wednesday, September 28th
On to the next day of the show, Thursday

The REALLY big show!

A BIG view of a tiny part of the show...

First booth to see upon entering .. Louis Garneau from Canada!

The Jittery Joe's team uses LG clothing and bikes!

The rear end of the BIG mini jittery Joes vehicle

LG cyclocross iron.


Super expensive Selle Italia saddle.. 1200 Euros? Ouch!

The Waterford booth...

Waterford wild paint job..

Frame using Richrad Sachs "Newvex" lugs ... in stainless steel too!

The Grand Poobah hisself, Richard Schwinn, promotes Waterford's new sizing cycle.

Don Walker, organizer of the famed North America Handbuilt Bicycle Show

Pashley of England still busily makes traditional bikes with chram and practicality...

I understand that Toto the pouch was just here minutes before I arrived!

This bike has a dual top tube for robustness!

Pashley makes certain Moulton models under license.

A VERY unusual saddle shape!

Superlight saddle undersides showing Kevlar and carbon weave.

Yes, (what next?) a saddle bag with carbon panels!

A very trick brake caliper indeed!

One of the many many very light bikes at the show.

Read and weep...

Minimalist and elegant saddle.

White carbon was everywhere (It play havoc with photo flashes!)

This bike was just being pieced together...

Ouch! The flash freaked out on this white reflective ensemble!

And the H2O cages too...

The pogo stick on steroids!

These rubber tubes gave the pogo stick it's boost!

Believe it or not, this young fellow jumped about 6 feet in the air easily (it looked that way at least!)

Pactimo had some really attractive vintage poster jersey designs.

A high end "dancing cheek to cheek" saddle?

Carbon bikes seem to be going back to a lugged look!

Pretty impressive TT bike, no?

"Blue" bikes are headquartered in HotLanta Georgia!

Felt bicycles had the coolest cruisers at the show!

Their hardtail Pro MTB looked really dialed in too.

Of course, this is what Felt is best known for, kick butte race bikes!

Carbon, but painted!

24 inch wheels make this a kid's dream machine...

This Fuller~Felt "Gravity Assault Land Speed Race Cruiser" is a heck of a SHOW bike!

Carbon saddle nestles in faired fusilage.

Good old number 44!

Felt's "motif" cruisers were so neat!

Guru is an impressive line.. pushing toward full custom in al materials.

It's the NEW Reynolds steel set! Somehow I missed the info on what's different...

Independent Fabrications in Boston area are Reynoilds users...

Moots is still a high craft maker.. Here their way neat single speed mtb.

Dig those dropouts....

Dig those welds!

Sweet S&S coupler installation...

Deda carbon cranks are distinctive...

This Kona was a World Champion in some MTB discipline .. very interesting full suspension bike...

Rav-X introduced a killer light and refined carbon frame set...


Quite a few un-suspended mtbs were shown.. Another new trend?

Ritchey's BreakAway bikes & frames were as impressive as ever...

 A Rivendell designed frame set available through super distributor Quality.

Apparently named in honor of the famous Blue Lips Engineers Riots of 1897.

Litespeed claims this to be the lightest production frame in the world, which is believeable!

1.7 lbs ain't chopped liver!!!

Those are carbon fiber shards used as decoration (and making an editorial comment?)

Orbea had this striking display near the exit...

Sram company had some neat robot models that kinda-sorta looked like bike parts...

Race Face's new road cranks, The Cadence, said to be the lightest all aluminum cranks in the biz...

Co-Motions SoftRide bean, S&S coupled tandem...

Rocky Mountain had some very intersting full suspension bikes...

This is the BMC TT bike we were all dying to see details of during the Tour (Oddly not covered by OLN! Wonder why?)

A track iron...

Notice the yet-different-again seat cluster area?

Carbon brake pad holders, anyone?

Ellsworth is another distinctive MTB specialist...

Look familiar? Dedacciai had a bunch of variations available to frame builders...

Orbea has certainly ARRIVED as a top line enjoying huge acclaim...

Great color!

The new (stiffer) Opal model has a great weave going for it..

The MTBs are looking awfully good too! Say, isn't it mountainous in the Basque region?

The "Ordu".... Time Trail specialty supreme!

It's still hard to beat the beautiful ORCA for ride-all-day comfort with kick-butte performace!